July 2009 Newsletter

1.      Eugene’s Presentation.
I have been asked to give a short talk and have prepared a few words of wisdom around the following topics:

         Viruses & Malware

         Broadband Internet

         E-mail and Netiquette

         Performance and Housekeeping

         Buying a PC

         Backups and Disaster Planning

It occurs to me that such wisdom as I have deserves wider currency.  If you may be interested in attending such a (free) tutorial later in the year, please let me know.  I anticipate not many more than a dozen people in the audience, selected to have roughly similar technical skills and geographically close to the venue.  Suggestions for topics, venues and invitees would be welcomed. 

2.      ADSL Broadmabd Internet Connections.
I have been trialling BT’s new 21st century network which aims to increase broadband speeds to up to 24 Mbps for those with ADSL2+ routers.  So far I have been unimpressed, but these are early days.  Prices for regular broadband are now about 5.99 a month for consumers in populous areas.  If you would like a free assessment to identify any better deals than your current package, please complete this form or drop me a line.

3.      Latest Blog Entries.
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RAID in shop bought computers
Working online rather than on documents held locally.
Reduced VAT on computer equipment for disabled people
I-Plate or iPlate filters DSL lines to increase broadband speed
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Watt a waste of money
Transferring big files

4.      Fax2Email.
Ofcom’s recent ruling regarding 0870 numbers means that many companies are amending the free service of receiving faxes and forwarding them on as e-mail attachments using 0870 numbers.  If you use an 0870 number it is worth checking out any changes in terms from 1st August.  Please note my own fax number has now changed to 0844 779 1204.  Calls cost about 5p per minute from land lines.


Eugene Gardner.



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