March 2010 Newsletter



If your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is PlusNet please skip to section B.


A.      If you are paying more than £5.99 a month for broadband Internet provision, or are dissatisfied with the speed or quality of the service you receive, I would be happy to see if there is a more suitable provider for you as a free service for existing clients.  Moving to a new provider is usually straight forward and should not involve any loss of service.  The process is explained on my website at


B.      Customers of PlusNet should be aware that PlusNet will be following other main providers in increasing their charges.  From 12th April new customers of the Value package will see a rise of 50p or £1 (depending on Market area) a month over current rates.  Those who have signed up before 12th April will have the current price frozen for 12 months. 

You may have recently noticed a dramatic speed increase.  Gradually, PlusNet are moving their customers over to 21CN – a different infrastructure that often results in a doubling of download speeds.  There is no extra charge for this.  You may like to measure your current speed at


If you receive your phone service from PlusNet, calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers are now free within your call package.  All customers also receive 300 minutes of free international calls to most popular destinations too.  Line rental and evening/weekend calls will continue to be charged at £11.25 a month with free anytime calls optionally adding £5 to this.


At the moment, if you use more than 10GB peak time usage each month, you automatically get 2GB extra for £2. From 12th April they’re changing this to £5 for 5GB extra peak time usage.  To help keep your costs down, from 12th April you can also set a price limit for how much extra usage you can add each month.


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D.     I am sometimes asked to recommend trades people.  If you have a small business and would like me to introduce other of my clients interested in your line of work please let me know.  I also offer to publish your details or to link to your website on my affiliates page.  Similarly, if you are looking for a personal recommendation, please ask me.


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