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The problem with quotations from the internet is that it can be difficult to verify their accuracy (Jane Austen)

Percussive maintenance: the tactic of hitting a computer to make it work

A photon checks into a hotel and the porter asks if he has any luggage.  The photon replies "No, I'm travelling light"




Peruvians consume an estimated 65 million guinea pigs a year

Hippo milk is pink

Google has been buying, on average, more than one company per week since 2010



Windows version 10 is to be released in a few weeks.  It will be the last version of Windows as ‘patch Tuesday’ will be replaced with numerous unscheduled minor releases (software as a service delivery).  This will be a free upgrade for users of Windows 7 and 8.1 for the first year, and although it has been very positively received by the pre-release testers I advise waiting a week or two after launch before taking this upgrade to allow others to find the problems first.  I would be happy to do the upgrade for you but if you prefer the DIY approach remember that this is a significant change and an image backup before you start is essential.  The key enhancements known so far are:

·        The Edge (nee Spartan) browser will replace Windows Explorer and allow written input

·        HoloLens will allow 3D augmented reality interaction with programs

·        Cortana will allow intelligent speech recognition

·        Touch sensitive screens will be better integrated with keyboard/mouse setups – the Start button will incorporate tiles and replace the Charms bar

·        Refreshing a corrupt installation will separate manufacturers’ code to minimise bloatware

·        Virtual desktops are introduced just like Apple did years ago

·        Separate editions for home, professional, enterprise, mobile (phone) & Internet of Things embedded devices – know one, know them all


Ninite is a program that detects when one of about 100 other programs are installed and not at their latest version.  It then gives you the opportunity of updating programs in a way that does not ask further questions; it automatically declines invitations to install malware – even the surreptitious – and chooses the appropriate language and address size for you.  I recommend this in preference to manually updating Java, Reader, and each browser etc. as it enables security flaw repairs to be propagated quickly.  Licenses run to the end of the calendar year but are free until the end of the current year.  Please ask me to install this remotely.  More at

Some phone call charges for most people are changing from 1st July as ordained by Ofcom. Calls to 0800 and 0808 numbers will be free from mobiles as well as landlines.  Also call costs for numbers beginning 084, 087, 09, and 118 will be split in two: an access charge will be raised by the caller’s provider and a service charge will be levied by the organisation being called.  More details from


I offer free broadband and phone reviews for those I have helped set up broadband (and phone) plans to confirm that you remain on the best package.  Previously this was annually but in view of the trend for longer contracts I will do this less frequently now.  However I am happy to do this (free) anytime by request whether I helped with your broadband connection or not. 

Your password isn’t recognised ?  Don’t keep trying as you risk the account being locked after several failed attempts, this is designed to thwart brute force attacks.  Make sure you type the web address (URL) into the address bar rather than rely on a hyperlink that could be a phishing trap.  If it is not working in one browser then try another; only try this once.  If that doesn’t work then fire up Internet Explorer in safe mode – this causes it to load without any add-ons or extensions that could be scuppering you.  This is done from the Search (CMD) window by entering  


If that doesn’t work then clicking the forgotten password link would be the next thing unless I have used the password before in which case you can ask me.


Failing that, for financial sites take a trip to  https://www.mylostaccount.org.uk/


For the long term a password manager is helpful essential to avoid relying on memory and loose notes.  It also helps promote best practice of using long, complex, and unique passwords.

I have now found a UK based Microsoft authorised refurbisher I trust to sell used computers with newly installed Windows and a 1 year warranty.  Order through me to get 10% off the price listed at

Blog posts for the last six months may be reached by clicking the links below.  I think you’ll enjoy them.

Please let me know what you would find interesting here.

Websites that interested me

http://uk.isidewith.com/  Learn which party you should have voted for

https://www.getsafeonline.org/  Impartial and accurate security advice

http://www.freedompop.com/  Free mobile phone calls & texts for low use users

http://nathanfriend.io/inspirograph/ If you’re old enough to remember Spirograph

http://ichoosr.co.uk/                       Collective to minimise fuel charges

http://www.openculture.com/freeonlinecourses  If only I had more time for moocs

http://www.gegeek.com/ An amazingly comprehensive list of cheat sheets, shortcuts….

Our 1ComputerCare Folding@Home team who donate unused computer power to medical research deserve thanks and praise for getting us ranked 398th out of over 200 thousand wannabes.


See the largest contributors here.  Please ask me to set this up for you.

Facebook (FB) privacy, when set incorrectly, can be an open book for identity thieves enabling them to compile a dossier on you by linking several sources.  This can then be sold or leased on the black web. 

If you don’t use Facebook much then you can get away with

·        A quick check to shut the largest doors.   Just open your Facebook page and click the padlock icon top right of your profile page. Take the first item to do a privacy check-up.  Go through the three steps to limit access to your posts, apps, and profile to friends only.

If you have more than a little FB presence then you should examine these steps

·        Click the padlock icon as before but take the see more settings option.  On the left column choose Privacy and ensure that only friends have access to your posts, can contact you, and look you up

·        In the followers settings do the same

·        In the Apps section delete those you no longer use. Those that remain may access all your details so make sure they only have permission to act as you wish.  Under Apps, websites and plugins consider turning off platform.  This prevents linking FB accounts elsewhere enabling the tracking of which sites you browse for the benefit of ad servers.

·        Adverts, further down the menu in the left column, lets you opt out of having your identity published with advertisements that are displayed to others – perhaps by the third party apps you left in the previous step.  I suggest No one is the only appropriate setting here.

·        Finally, click here to learn how to keep your account secure.  Consider revising these settings every few months or whenever (you notice) FB change the defaults.

Congratulations to Mark Allen who won last newsletter’s competition to identify the photo of a hard disk drive read head. The answer was in the earlier article that explained how to drag an image to Google Image Search.  A crate of fine beer was passed to Mark.

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