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Here’s my bumper biannual bash.  Happy Christmas MMXIV !


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Quantum Mechanics:
The dreams stuff is made of.

CAPS LOCK – Preventing Login Since 1980.

Have Google define ‘recursion’.



This time last year I offered participation in a group license for Ninite – a program that automatically updates 100 key programs; essential to enhance security as well as improve performance.  It was well received and is even more useful now that almost every download site - even Java - insists on bundling junkware e.g. Ask toolbar, that degrades the performance of your computer.  Ninite always declines special offers & malware while choosing the correct version for your brand of Windows.  Please let me know if you would like to take this at £5 for the year.  I plan to start the group license soon after the current subscription ends.

Broadband Reviews are conducted roughly annually by me without charge for those who want [to remain with] the best broadband (and optionally phone) supplier.  I take the last three month’s usage and find the internet service provider that offers the best mix of price and service for each address.  The average savings I have achieved for clients who already requested this in the last three months is £149.55 a year per client.  It incorporates a comparison of current speed with the maximum available as well.  Please let me know if I may do this for you.

StreetLife is a free social media forum that is strictly local.  It allows people to post questions in six categories

·         Local conversations

·         Clubs & Groups

·         Give, Lend & Borrow

·         Recommendations

·         Lost & Found

·         Classified

Stephen Fry has recorded an excellent  1½ minute video that explains it well at

You can click here to take a look at the site. 

Think Google is merely a search engine ?  Try typing these into the omnibox (http://address box)

Ø  Tunbridge Wells weather

Ø  Pi * 12 ^ 2  (maths e.g. the area of a circle of radius 12)

Ø  12 " = (conversions e.g. inches to centimetres)

Ø  translate wörterbuch (if your German is schwach)

Ø  MG6250 filetype:pdf  (if you want a user guide for this Canon printer)

Ø  ezy 8537 (times for Eugene’s Christmas holiday flight)

Ø  films in Wadhurst (if you fancy a night out)

Ø  Calories wine

Ø  tip calculator  (at the end of the night out)

Ø  define: dictionary (in case you can’t find yours)

Ø  do a barrel roll

Ø  songs by <insert your favourite group here>

Ø   [drag an image into the image search box]

Ø  zerg rush

Ø  hamburger vs hotdog

Ø  Atari breakout (now click ‘images’)

Ø  tilt

Ø  timer 5 minutes

Ø  51.13603, 0.23091  (for map or image of Eugene’s workshop)

Blog Posts

These are the topics I have scratched about over the previous six months since the summary in the last edition of this journal.  Please enjoy, comment and suggest.

ü  Network interface priority

ü  Printing without computer and USB cable.

ü  Virtualisation & virtual desktops

ü  Sharing, sending and transferring large files

ü  Internet speed performance problems

ü  Spoofing e-mail sender's address

ü  Computing safely while travelling overseas

ü  Why are my messages rejected ?

ü  Share your password

ü  Facebook security

Duplicated files waste space and mess up your presentations.  A commonly held myth is that they affect the performance of your computer, although if space is so tight that your volatile memory cannot efficiently be swapped this could be a performance killer.  Here are my suggested programs to make it easy to eliminate them.  First though, it is important to test your backup recovery procedure to make sure you have a secondary copy of everything that could potentially be removed from your main storage.  And before scanning for duplicates make sure that you disconnect your backup media !

All the following suggestions had no additional extras when I tested them in preparation for writing this; also all are free (or donationware).  In my opinion they get the compromise between comprehensiveness and ease of use about right for most readers of these words.

dupeGuru Music Edition is excellent for audio.  Available for Windows, Linux, and Macintosh computers. Supports all common formats.  Use the preferences window for tweaking of the scanning engine before the scan.

VisiPics is the business for photos that are exactly *or almost* identical. You will need a trial run to get the best position for the slider that determines how similar two pics need to be.  This is good on Windows but for Macintosh try the Gemini App or on Linux look for the FSlint utility.

Duplicate File Finder is efficient at tracking down videos, archives, and application files that the above two programs do not cover. 

Fun Websites

labs.tineye.com/multicolr                                                a search engine for colours in images

chromeexperiments.com         be amazed at what’s possible in a browser in each of 30 fields

clipconverter.cc                               Converts online or local audio & video to different format

cutepdf-editor.com/edit.asp                                                         A free cloud based PDF editor

kenttraffic.info                     See local CCTV, check out car park spaces free, traffic conditions

aprilfoolsdayontheweb.com                                                   Item 41 in 2008 was a humdinger

Windows 8.x comes with Modern a.k.a. Metro Apps that few non-touch users use.  There was good reason for that if you had keyboard and mouse but there are increasingly a few exceptionally good (not junkware laden) Apps in the Microsoft Store that do work with a mouse.  Space here is at a premium so I will leave it to the interested reader to visit the Store and check them out. 

*      Audible

*      Flipboard

*      Flow Free

*      Fresh Paint

*      Khan Academy

*      Music Maker Jam

*      OneNote

*      TuneIn Radio

The above examples are generally free and some are like a breath of fresh air.  Note that you will need to be logged in to your Windows PC with a Microsoft registered account – typically an email address in their stable of domains (Hotmail, Live, Outlook) but not necessarily so.

Printer ink comes in four flavours:

1.      Remanufactured is where used cartridges are cleaned and refilled with new ink.  Sometimes the electronic chip is replaced at the same time so that the printer knows it has a full tank in the cartridge.  This ink quality is usually reasonable but not quite as good as the original manufacturer’s ink – however this is reflected in the cost.  These are ecologically a little better than new cartridges.

2.      Refilled cartridges are those that are simply injected with more ink.  The quality of ink and cartridge will be lower than remanufactured and the price should be lower too.

3.      Compatible or Cloned are identical to the original manufacturer’s cartridges but without such a high price mark-up.  Some manufacturers are less restrictive with their patents – think Epson and Canon – and so these are the cheapest cloned inks to buy.

4.      Original manufacturers often sell their printers as not much above cost price and hope to recoup their profits by selling premium ink cartridges.  The ink will probably be faster drying and more resistant to smudging, but many people are quite content to take the significant cost savings that other options afford.

If not printing for a week or two, store ink cartridges in airtight cling film to prevent nozzles clogging.  Remember the cleaning cycle every few months.  The supplier I have used for several years is Internet-ink and I would be happy to pass on a code to enable you to buy their (already cheap) ink at a 10% discount.

Security.  If your correspondents get rubbish emails purporting to come from you it does not usually mean that someone has ‘hacked’ your account, just that someone’s computer that held your address has.  This is common.  While changing your email password does not hurt, it is only of benefit if it has actually been compromised.  You should periodically check this at

If you receive an unsolicited phone call or email from “Microsoft” or your internet service provider, or the police ‘cyber protection team’ telling you that your computer has been found to be harbouring a virus, or asking if your PC is running slowly, the only appropriate action is to immediately hang up the phone or delete the email.  I know I am repeating myself but people continue to get caught by this type of scam as the perpetrators are extremely convincing and insistent and prey on decent folks’ reluctance to be rude.


Please forward this freely.


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