Windows Corruption

Does your PC crash or freeze ? This is usually a precursor to a complete failure with possible loss of data.

Is the performance of your PC gradually deteriorating to the point where it is slowing your progress ?

These are typical software problems we can resolve - usually without a full reinstallation and loss of data.

Component Repair

Don't replace the whole computer when just one or two hardware parts have failed.  We can diagnose the cause of a fault and advise whether proceeding is economically viable.  Often we can replace a single item and get the computer back to you for less than a quarter of the cost of a new model.

Virus Removal/Protection

Step 1. Disconnect from internet immediately.

Step 2. Call 0845 260 1723 to have the bad stuff eradicated. Almost all trojans, worms, keyloggers, diallers, spyware... can be removed without loosing files or settings if caught early enough.

Purchase Advice & Config

Sometimes one or two hardware replacements are sufficient to rejuvenate an old friend, other times a complete new tablet, laptop or tower computer.

Our free consultancy, analysis and quotation service will provide a better than off-the-shelf solution every time - and that's a significant promise.

Internet Connectivity

Connection problem ?

Speed fault ? ?

Want advice on moving to a better ISP ?

Years of experience can avoid expensive and time consuming effort.

Remote Tech Support

For immediate answers, this resolves many issues with minimal cost. We connect to your PC from our workshops while you watch or go out to work.

Click to download Click for instant help

This is good for Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh and Linux based computers.

Data Recovery

Emptied the recycle bin by mistake ?
Dropped the laptop ?
Coffee in the keyboard ?
Power surge burnt out your disk drive ?

Most situations are not as bad as they first appear - but professional techniques must be applied as soon as possible to avoid further and permanent damage.


Routine Maintenance - done thoroughly; locally or remotely; off-site backup available.

Half Life Service - improves performance and extends the useful life of your PC.

eBay sales - We do it all for you.

Disaster recovery & backup planning.

In your home or my workshop.

I collect and deliver with no local callout charge.

While I have your computer, loan tower, laptop, & netbooks are usually available.

There's always a No Fix - No Fee price guarantee.

Repairing netbooks, notebooks and tower computers near Rusthall, Tunbridge Wells, Wadhurst, Langton Green, Speldhurst, Groombridge, Frant, Ashhurst, Pembury, Southborough, Penshurst, Paddock Wood, Nutley, Maresfield, Uckfield, Buxted, Coopers Green, High Hurstwood, Crowborough since April 2003.