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I would be happy to help you resolve a problem on your computer.  If you bought your computer through 1ComputerCare, you probably have a 12 month warranty cover direct with the company that assembled and supplied it, unless you bought the option to extend this to two or three years. 


Hardware failures.

If there is a fault with the hardware, I would be happy to liaise with the supplier on your behalf if it is still under warranty.  Knowing that future orders are at stake sometimes induces them to be more helpful with me than a one time buyer.  Time and money can often be saved by the supplier shipping just the component that I have diagnosed as at fault, directly to me; but sometimes the entire system has to be sent back.  In this case, retaining the original packing will avoid the need for you to buy new materials.  Whether a single component or the whole system has to be returned to the supplier, you are liable for my time, packing and shipping costs, as explained in the Notes that accompany a new computer.  For out of warranty repairs, I would be happy to investigate obtaining components and fitting them whilst aiming to avoid any loss of your documents or settings.


Software failures.

If you bought through 1ComputerCare, the Quotation Notes you received before you ordered explains that support for most software problems is not covered by warranty, but I would hope to be able to resolve your problem quickly and at reasonable cost.  Having a recent backup copy of your irreplaceable documents and e-mails will avoid some anguish and expense, as will retaining installation CDs and product keys.


Service failures.

Often there is a third party (Internet Service Provider, software distributor...) who may be blamed when the company you call does not want to take ownership of your problem.  Sometimes they will try to bamboozle you with technical jargon.  In both situations allowing 1ComputerCare to manage problem resolution can cut out the fluff and hasten your satisfaction.


Please let me know how I can help; see my contact page.  It is often beneficial for me to see any error message exactly as displayed on your screen, so if possible, please attach a copy of the screen to an e-mail.  Alternatively, it may be possible for me to connect remotely to your PC to review the issue - the process for doing this is described on my Remote Support page.


Examples of the type of work that 1ComputerCare undertakes are:

  • Repairs, upgrades and updates to hardware or programs on tower and laptop computers

  • Viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, adware and other malware removed

  • Remote connection to your computer for quick fixes and explanations

  • Pre-purchase advice and specification for new laptop & tower PCs

  • Broadband Internet connection repaired, performance enhanced and arranged from 5.99 per month

  • eBay sales I collect from you and sell to give assured privacy and a professional looking sales page

  • Routine maintenance servicing to improve performance and prevent breakdowns beyond housekeeping

  • Data recovery of lost files, photos, partitions or RAID volumes

  • Advice on setting up automated backup and disaster recovery plans

  • Networking to connect multiple computers enabling sharing of documents, printers and Internet connection wired or wireless.

Eugene Gardner.