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  About 1ComputerCare  
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UK Computer Repair

Thank you for considering 1ComputerCare for your computer’s repair and maintenance. My aim is to provide a level of support and service that encourages repeat business and referrals.


1ComputerCare was started in April 2003 by me, Eugene Gardner.  I have over 30 years experience in maintaining and supporting computers and their users, gained since graduating with an honours degree in Computer Science in 1983.  After college I was employed as a computer analyst/programmer until 1989 when I formed VaxMan Ltd. - a company that offered independent consultancy and technical support.  Working as a contractor for several months with each company, I helped large organisations administer their computer systems and databases.  I worked overseas for much of the time until, after 13 years, my mother's illness caused me to close the company and return to England permanently.  So I now operate as an independent sole trader: I do not employ anyone and will not be VAT registered again.  I choose to operate that way as I enjoy working with computers more than filling in forms.


In May 1990 I gained full membership of the British Computer Society and continue to adhere to and be bound by the BCS Codes of Practice and Conduct for your protection.  I have passed exams to gain credentials as a Microsoft Certified Professional and am also qualified in designing and administering Oracle databases.  I am a member of the Association of Computer Repair Business Owners and follow their Code of Conduct.  Most recently, I have been awarded Chartered I.T. Practitioner status.

Buy With Confidence

In 2006 I joined the County Council Trading Standards Department's Buy With Confidence scheme.  This provides independent inspection of business standards and confirms that my qualifications, accreditations, references, professional memberships, insurance, terms of business and practices have all been (extensively) audited and found to be in order.  A criminal record background check is also done, and a formal complaints procedure established.  At the end of each job a small questionnaire opportunity is sometimes sent to enable brickbats and bouquets to be sent anonymously to Trading Standards to ensure that the initial standard is being maintained.

Guarantee & Terms

So whatever your problem there is a good chance that I have encountered it before.  However there are infinite ways to configure computers, so it can sometimes take a little time to be able to offer a long term, robust remedy; my target turnaround time is 48 hours.  I can not guarantee to resolve every issue, but I can, and do, offer a ‘No Fix, No Fee’ guarantee.  Please read my Terms of Business for complete details of the guarantee and other terms and feel free to ask questions if anything is unclear; this is the legal contract between us so make sure you are happy with it before you sign the Work Order.  When I make recommendations, you should know that I am totally independent – I decline kickbacks and gratuities from all potential suppliers except a couple of long trusted partners listed on my affiliates page.


Frequently a problem is most efficiently resolved by my removing the computer to my workshop - there's no charge for local collections.  In this situation, I will give you a receipt and progress updates; loan computers are usually available while I have yours.  I can not know the degree of technical competency of each client, nor the frequency or level of detail required in progress updates, so please let me know if I do not judge these items correctly.  Calls or (preferably) e‑mails to check on the progress of a job are welcome.

Working Hours & Invoices

My normal working hours are 9.30am - 5.30pm Monday to Friday.  I usually spend mornings in the workshop and visit clients in the afternoons.  Appointments are available for planned arrival in early afternoon (1:30pm - 3:30pm) or late afternoon (3:30pm - 5:30pm).  I am not able to be more specific as I do not know in advance how long the previous jobs will take, nor the traffic conditions.  However, if you would appreciate a precise arrival time, I can arrange that by allocating the previous appointment to you.

I am not VAT registered – if you are, please let me know when ordering software or components.  For second and subsequent small jobs, I will often maintain an account and delay sending an invoice until several hours are accrued or the end of the trading period unless asked not to.

Feedback & Referrals

A little over 80% of my business comes from repeat clients and about 15% through personal recommendation – I have no paid advertising, so I work hard to offer a quality of service such that clients are happy to recommend 1ComputerCare.  In recognition of this I ask new clients how they came to call on me so that I may send a special thank you (£20 or 20%) to anyone who refers 1ComputerCare.  Many times when I have dealings with a business I think there is something I would do differently were I running the operation.  At the end of each job, please take a minute to let me know how you feel about the work done by visiting my feedback page - testimonials are particularly welcome !


Unless asked not to, I will retain a record of your contact details and all payments.  I may also become aware of your hardware, licences, passwords, software versions and hold copies of files I have been working with.  I take backup copies of disk drives at the start of most jobs so that I can recover if necessary,  these are deleted a short time after your computer is returned.  All this information is regarded as confidential and is not disclosed to third parties - not even for a fat fee.  I send a maximum of two mass e‑mails a year to all clients.  Please see the full privacy policy page.

How to be a good client

Complaints Procedure 

The complaints procedure is administered by Eugene Gardner in accordance with Buy With Confidense requirements.  Any complaints are recorded in a complaint log in the format specified by the Trading Standards Service.  Upon registering a complaint, a response will be sent to the client within 5 working days.  Where a complaint is of a more complex nature and a response will not be possible within 5 days, the client will be contacted within 5 working days and advised of this.  The client will be given an indication of how soon a full response will be made.

Where it is not possible for a complaint to be resolved, the client will be given a clear explanation in writing.  The client will also be given a copy of the Buy With Confidence customer feedback leaflet and advised that they can contact the Trading Standards Service if they wish to do so.

All actions taken regarding a complaint, including letters, telephone calls and site visits, will be recorded in the complaint log, which will be reviewed on a quarterly basis.  Where this highlights a particular problem or pattern this will be investigated and remedial action taken.


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