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I am sometimes asked to recommend allied trades folk I have personal knowledge of through my network of clients and suppliers.  Below are those I have directed clients to and not received any negative feedback about.  I am not able to endorse any so you must carry out whatever checks you feel appropriate to confirm that they are able to match your requirements.  I receive no referral payment or other benefit from the following.


Ian Carley is a telecomms engineer who may be able to help with internal wiring if that is causing problems for your broadband service.



Jan Beesley designs websites.



Some call him John Hill, most call him



For energy assessments, HIPs & floorplans, Paul Lyons is your man.



I am happy to recommend Internet-Ink.com for printer ink cartridges and laser toner cartridges.  I have used them many times and am yet to be disappointed.  1ComputerCare clients get a 10% discount - ask Eugene for the secret code.  




All recommendations I make are totally independent - I select the best make or supplier I know of for each client without kickbacks or payoffs colouring my judgment.  The only products or services I receive any commission from are shown below, and I have personally used these products myself to make sure they continue to deliver the same quality as when I first chose them.


I have researched broadband Internet Service Providers countless times for clients.  Usually the best recommendation is the one I use myself: PlusNet.  Click through the following banner to find out more. 

Broadband from £5.99 a month with an included wireless router when you sign up to Plusnet - terms apply

I particularly like these people for the real live personal help at the end of a phone when things go wrong and the BT engineer says you need a new left threaded falangee.  They offer 24/7 support on a freephone number and you speak with someone in Sheffield, rather than a premium rate call to India.  Good rates for phone calls and line rental too.


To register a domain name click on the 123-Reg banner below - doesn't cost you any extra.  I've been using these guys for a couple of years and they still seem to be as cheap and efficient as when I first identified them. This enables a personal e-mail address like yourname@youchoose.com which you keep even when you switch ISPs and you don't need to tell your correspondents of a new address.

domain names

Also good for help building your own Web site, Hosting your Web space, hosting an e-mail box, or hosting your own blog.


There are many data recovery companies, but only one with 20 years' experience and authority to open and reseal all main manufacturers' disk drives without invalidating warranty or insurance.



Those who receive new tower and laptop computers with my help, buy direct from PC Specialist Ltd.  By cultivating a long term relationship I receive faster delivery than retail customers, and if there is a problem, knowing that future orders are at risk helps in receiving a better service than may be the case for one time customers.  I receive 20 from PC Specialist for each tower PC delivered, irrespective of the components contained therein, and this is deducted from my charge to clients.


Online backup is free for small amounts of data and sensible for all as a second mechanism.  If all you need is file synchronization between computers and remotely then Dropbox is worthy of consideration.

 What's Your Backup Plan? MozyPro


For hosting your website, visit Dataflame

And finally....

Earn a fortune by investing in art while the artist lives.  I highly recommend this.