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  Broadband Usage Review  
It is prudent with all utility supplies, and especially broadband Internet provision, to periodically check that the existing arrangement has not been bettered by an alternate supplier, or another package from the existing Internet Service Provider (ISP).  To help evaluate whether you are currently on the cheapest package that meets your needs, please complete as much of this form as you can.  If there are any questions you can not answer, just leave them blank

What is the name of your current ISP ?


What is the name of the package that your ISP is providing ?


What is the maximum download speed and usage cap ?


What is the monthly cost ?


How long have you been with this provider ?


Please list any other services bundled in the same package.  If phone is included, is this line rental and/or calls ?


How much data do you transmit and receive in a typical month ?


If you are not able to answer any of the above questions, please type in the username and password that your ISP gave you so that we can get the answers ourselves from their website.

  Retype password

Who are you ?

  E-mail address