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  Frequently Asked Questions  

Is a bespoke PC customised for the individual more expensive than a standardised product ?

There is not a significant difference in price for the following reasons:

  • 1ComputerCare can obtain trade benefits not available to retail buyers.

  • By selecting each component with knowledge of the individual client’s requirements, the price/performance of that component can be set at an appropriate level. Thus, there is no significant bottleneck component that causes all others to be constrained to less than their potential, and no over specified one either – hence the cheapest overall product capable of meeting the specifications is used.

  • By avoiding the day-to-day operating costs that all high street or commercial park stores (brick & mortar outlets) must carry, savings can be passed on.

Is there a penalty in lost warranty ?

No. A full 3 years warranty is in included with all computers.  Full terms of warranty are available on request.

What charges are payable to 1ComputerCare ?

These are variable depending on how much involvement you choose.  Click here for more details.

Why do you sometimes advise spending more ?

You get what you pay for.  Financially it makes no difference to me whether I supply a fast computer or a slow one, but I know from experience that those who pay a little more, get a lot more satisfaction from their computer. 
  • Recent versions of Windows are much more demanding than previous ones.

  • The ability to run multiple applications concurrently and fast, is one of those things that one only appreciates after having the facility - a bit like having broadband rather than dialup speed Internet connections.

  • If the computer is so slow that it is not a pleasure to use, it will not get used as much and therefore less benefit will be derived from each pound spent on it.

  • Cheaper computers need to be replaced sooner than more expensive models.  Any short term saving is wiped out when the cost is divided by the number of years of useful service a well specified PC will provide.

  • Assuming the useful life of the computer is 6 years, spending an extra £50 initially, equates to 69p a month.

Is there a compromise between laptop and tower styles of PC ?

There is: an All-in-1 mini PC has some of the restrictions and advantages of a laptop and some of a tower case.

What is [optionally] done before a new computer is delivered ?

  • Check that components are present as ordered and chase late deliveries, thoroughly test all main hardware components

  • Transfer e-mail, address book, photos, music, favourite bookmarks & other documents from old PC

  • Transfer usable hardware from old PC to avoid replacing perfectly good items already owned

  • Install, activate & configure all ordered software - operating system, office software

  • Set up anti-virus, spam filter, parental control, firewall

  • Install/update & configure latest versions of free ancillary software – typically this includes:

    • Spyware prevention, detection & removal tools, Popup blocker

    • A PDF Reader, CD/DVD burning and playing tools

    • Windows Media Player, DirectX, Backup program

    • Photo library and editing, A second  browser

  • Install critical updates and security patches to operating system and MS Office

  • Patch drivers to latest revisions

  • Install printer [scanner, copier], webcam and other peripherals bought at the same time

  • Miscellaneous tasks – arrange menus, tune page file, set up browsers, lock boot sector, create accounts…

  • Configure e-mail client, set up personalised domain name and e-mail and/or Web storage

  • Defragment system disk, benchmark performance and certify virus free

Is there any penalty in buying through 1ComputerCare ?

Just one: there is no immediate gratification. Typically, 1ComputerCare bought PCs take about a week to be ordered, assembled, tested and delivered.  Picking a computer from a shop gives use of the product immediately (although some configuration is usually necessary – see above).  The requirements analysis that determines the appropriate components to put into a new PC does take time, but the benefits of having the computer designed to suit are realised over the extended years which the computer has a useful life.

What are the benefits of buying through 1ComputerCare ?

  • You get a requirements analysis to match your likely use to appropriate hardware with a balanced system resulting.

  • By using a trade account 1ComputerCare can ensure faster delivery than generally available.

  • If a problem arises and the supplier knows that there are future orders that depend upon their performance currently, they may be more helpful than they would for one-time buyers.

What is the 1ComputerCare buying process ?

Initially a requirements analysis is done (either on-line, on the phone or in person) by asking non-technical questions about the intended use, the answers to which form the basis of a suggested technical specification, which is researched, costed and usually sent 1 or 2 days later, together with quotation notes. This is then discussed with the client and any modifications made. 

Hardware prices are quoted at cost with any trade discount passed on.  Quotations specify all main components separately and are grouped as main hardware, software, ancillaries and labour.  This makes comparisons with other suppliers easy, and by not adding any mark up on the hardware, you may be sure that there is no financial incentive involved in recommending one solution over another. 

When ready to order, we just take your cheque, bank or debit/credit card details and place the order on your behalf.  You are free to order yourself, but the advantages of buying through the trade are forfeited.  1ComputerCare then orders the ancillary components and tracks their delivery.  In order to minimise the cost of manufacture, the assembly of main components is usually undertaken by a specialist company following the specification agreed between 1ComputerCare and the client.  They are then able to offer a complete system warranty, although 1ComputercCare would help with the details should a claim ever be made. 

When the system is received by 1ComputerCare, any extra hardware is installed, software is installed and configured and the system thoroughly tested. 

Status reports are phoned or e-mailed periodically as required.  Approximately a week after ordering, the new computer is delivered to your home with your own documents, music, photos, e-mail and address books already set up and ready to use 'out of the box'.  An information sheet is given and the PC is demonstrated.

What happens to my old computer ?

You may put it in your attic ‘just in case’, take it to the nearest land fill site, or, after any components which may be useful installed in your new computer are salvaged, you may choose to add it to the components from which working systems are assembled for donation to charity.  We can recycle for you too.

Should I buy new, upgrade an existing system or look at the second user market ?

For a discussion without charge or obligation, to establish what is most suitable for you individually, contact Eugene Gardner at 1ComputerCare.

What next ?

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