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  Laptop Repair  

The following explains the laptop repair service, and is supplemental to our standard Terms of Business.   Notebook (a.k.a. laptop) repairs are usually very time consuming as each computer model is constructed differently and requires research just to find out how to get inside !  Opening and closing the chassis (necessary for all jobs) may well account for an hour.


Laptop computers are collected from and delivered back to your premises locally.  They are repaired for a fixed fee which covers almost all repairs (see below), and are usually returned in about 5 working days [48 hour service usually available].  Return times are subject to replacement parts availability.


If the repair is fairly straightforward, which generally means one where no parts are required; I will do this myself at my Tunbridge Wells workshop.  Other jobs, where replacement hardware is required, are subcontracted out to a company with a large stock of parts and specialist experience.


Repairs are warranted for 3 months, which covers any parts that are replaced and the original problem.  If an unrelated fault presents, a new charge will be payable to enable repair.


There is a ‘no fix – no fee’ guarantee, however, a small amount is retained to cover collection/delivery costs.  Payment (cash, cheque or card†) must be made at time of initial collection.


The fixed fee includes: entry level hard drives, in stock motherboard faults, software problems and viruses, power supplies, optical drives, inverter boards, connectors, faulty ports, spillages, back lights, small parts etc.


The following faults are not covered by the fixed fee – a quotation will be possible after inspection: multiple component failure, large or SSD hard drives, processors, cracked displays, casings and other major damage. 


If there is more than one fault, the fixed fee will usually cover repair of the first and may cover others depending on the severity of such faults.  If an additional charge would be required for subsequent issues, an e-mail will be sent seeking authorization to proceed.


†   Please add 3% if paying by card.