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  Routine Computer Maintenance Service  

The preventive maintenance service is a sensible precaution, just as with a car, as it helps avoid breakdowns at inopportune times, and addresses the gradual performance loss that all systems experience.  The recommended frequency depends on the type and quantity of use the PC gets, the physical environment, the amount of routine housekeeping applied, and the impact loss of use would have on the owner.  As a general guide, 12 - 24 months may be a reasonable interval between checks.  After 3 or 4 years a Windows reinstallation should be considered.  The service is offered at a fixed price, optionally with added enhancements  if booked at least a week in advance.  See case notes C1 and C2.


The service typically includes:

Image entire disk(s)

Identification  and attempted repair of physical disk errors (bad block resectoring, surface scan, space allocation check)

Disk integrity check and removal of logical errors (lost clusters; cross linking; invalid file names, dates or structures; invalid indices)

Double defragmentation of multiple mechanical hard disk drive(s)

Identification of viruses1 (trojans, worms, diallers, hijackers etc.)

Physical clean internally including heat sinks4, CD/DVD lens heads, floppy drives, mouse & keyboard if supplied

Removal of other malware2 (spyware, adware, adserver tracking cookies, keyloggers, data miners)

Deletion of temporary files, browser cache & recycle bin trash

Check for update of anti virus / Internet security software

Installation or update of malware prevention program where appropriate

Application of critical and security patches to operating system and bundled software

Verification that protected Windows files are intact5

Scan, Compress & repair e-mail client.

Installation of updates to common applications

Check of temperatures, voltages and fan speeds

Diagnostic test of major hardware components

Inspect Windows log files

Security vulnerability assessment & report5

Further performance improvement advice

Report listing installed hardware & software including versions and licence codes

Generate & test emergency boot and/or password recovery disk6

Creation of backup copy of all device drivers

A DVD set3  containing an image backup of all partitions on the system disk on request.  Optionally also securely held at 1ComputerCare premises for 12 months

Update device drivers

Check for updated versions of Foldng, TeamViewer, Flash, Java, .NET, C++ Redistributable etc.

Broadband Internet usage review to identify cheaper packages

Report on specific issues

To book a service contact 1ComputerCare

1  If viruses are found they will be removed at an additional time based charge

2  Removing some malware may render the installing program unstable or unworkable

3  First disk included, thereafter 1 per disk. Backups are usually written in Acronis encoded format.

4  Enhanced service only for notebook computers if easily accessible

5  Win2K, NT, XP & Vista only

6  Windows 98 and ME only

One or two minor problems may be tackled as part of a service, but generally, fault fixes are charged at the current hourly rate after the service is completed.