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  Notes that accompany a new computer  

Please follow these suggestions to prolong the life of your system and ensure you do not breach the terms of the warranty.  Please check that you have received all you expect omissions and faulty (dead on arrival) equipment must be reported in writing within 48 hours.  Your warranty is with the supplier of the main system and their terms are attached to this or may be viewed on their website.  If you need to make a claim, I would be happy to liaise if you wish, and offer a free collect and deliver service between your premises and mine.


If a component fails, you may want to return it to the supplier under the terms of their warranty; in this case retaining the box(es) the item came in would avoid packing (but not shipping) costs.  Note that the warranty will not cover my time, nor data recovery costs so taking frequent full verified backups is a sensible precaution, as sooner or later all hardware will fail.  We hope that the failure will occur many years down the road, but there is often no warning of an imminent failure.  To protect against loss of otherwise irreplaceable items such as family photos, music collections, copies of letters etc. you should maintain a duplicate copy of items that would otherwise be hard to salvage in the event of a disaster (fire, flood, electrical disturbance, theft, hardware failure).  I consider some alternatives and offer suggestions on my website at http://1computercare.co.uk/backingup.htm


Avoid locating your machine in a position where it can become unduly hot from sunshine or heaters; a cool, dust free airflow around it is beneficial.  Also, keep it away from magnetic sources such as unshielded speakers.  To protect your machine from electrical disturbances I recommend using a surge protector.  Please let me know if you need one (less than 20).  A better alternative is an uninterruptible power supply (they start at about 30).  When connecting power, make sure the mains switch is off before attaching the cable and connect dead to live.


All passwords will be set to null (empty/blank) and encryption disabled initially.  You are advised to change these if security is important to you.  I recommend firewall protection from hacker attack and running recent and frequently updated anti-virus and spyware blocking software let me know if I can help with these items. 


The best time to schedule an annual maintenance service is now.  All systems experience gradual performance degradation, and their lifetime can be prolonged by having them routinely serviced.


Desktop and tower PCs only.

Your new PC comes with technical documentation and driver CDs; I normally leave some of these inside the machine to prevent them getting lost as the only time they would be needed would be in case of catastrophe. 


If you have a video or graphics card separate from the main board, the monitor should be connected to the lower blue (or white for DVI) socket.  If you have a sound card, the onboard sound will be disabled so make sure you connect your speaker jack plugs to the lower sound sockets.  Usually single output (stereo) speakers connect to the lime green socket.  For 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1 configurations the documentation that comes with the sound system will often instruct you to connect the green cable to lineout 1, black cable to lineout 2 & orange cable to lineout 3.  If you are not using the onboard sound, any front mounted headphone (green), microphone (pink) or line in (blue) sockets may be inactive.


Sometimes Firewire/1394 and/or USB/audio ports on the front of the case are inoperative.  This will happen if the motherboard does not support them.  If you requested front access to these when ordering, a cable might have become loose please let me know.


Please take a minute to visit  http://www.1computercare.co.uk/feedback.htm  and let me know your thoughts, good and bad, about the supply of your new computer.  A testimonial comment from you would be very much appreciated.


Thanks for buying through 1ComputerCare, I wish you much enjoyment.