Buying a New Computer

The process of buying a computer can be daunting and even for those up to speed with the latest technology it is hard to find a computer with each component matched to the individual purchaserís needs.  Buying from a shop or online store inevitably necessitates some limitations such as monopolistic control of replacement part prices, limited repair options and sluggish performance caused by bloatware. I list further problems on another page

The best time to take advice with all things is at the planning and design stage and doing so with a computer purchase will save time and money because

For most people a custom built computer works out to be the best way to buy.  These are not more expensive than mass produced computers initially and are almost always cheaper in the long term after accounting for maintenance and upgrade costs.  I do not sell these myself but do have an account with a wholesaler that I am happy to make available to existing clients.  Should you chose to buy through them the payment would go direct rather than through me.

The process can take one of three forms:

  1. Give me a budget and I can research and specify the best PC I can for that price. This would have components balanced for the likely use and so be better than an off-the-shelf model even ignoring the long term handicaps. This is good for those for whom cost is more important than efficiency.
  2. Let me put together the most appropriate computer for the needs as gleaned from a requirements analysis (my asking you questions about the likely use). This is generally suitable for people whose primary skills are not computer related.
  3. Give me details of the off-the-shelf make/model being considered and I can create a specification sheet that matches it as closely as possible. This is good for people who know what they want technically but do not want the problems often associated with off-the-shelf computers.
Once the initial specification is created it is used as the basis for a discussion where I can explain unknown terms and advise what effect increasing or reducing each component has on cost.  This is done over several iterations until we reach the best match of price to performance for the specific use the computer will be put to.

After the specification is agreed I will place the order.  About a week later I am able to deliver the computer to the owner with Windows and the chosen programs installed and documents/photos/music transfered from your old PC.  Your e-mail is setup to work immediately and your printer installed.  I then spend time demonstrating the new system and making sure you are comfortable using it.

I remain available in the days and weeks ahead on the phone and perhaps with a remote connection or visit so that I can explain how to do something or help with unexpected situations.

Whether you chose an off-the-shelf computer or a bespoke one the setup price will be roughly the same and I would be happy to help configure either.

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