Questions before Specification 1

You have probably come here because you would like me to suggest the components to put in a new comnputer.  To enable me to suggest the best match of hardware and software to your anticipated use I need to know how you are likely to use it.  With the following questions answered I should be able to supply you a reasonably detailed and costed draft specification.  That is the basis on which I would to discuss how improvements can be made.

  1. Which programs will you use ? If you don't know the names of the programs just their function would be sufficient. For example would you store photos ? Edit them ? Movies ? games ?
  2. How many programs do you have open concurrently ?
  3. Do you have any existing peripherals (e.g. printer) you would like to attach.  Please let me know the make and model.
  4. Any existing programs you would like to have installed ?  Please let me know the name and version you have.
  5. Do you want to reuse speakers ?  If so, do they connect to the computer via a 3½mm circular green plugusb or a rectangular USB plugusb ?
  6. Do you want to reuse keyboard or mouse ?  If so do they connect via circular PS/2 plugusb or USBusb ?
  7. How much space do your photo, movie & music collections occupy ?
  8. Which email client (e.g. Outlook [Express], Pegasus, Windows mail) do you currently use ?
  9. Do you have an existing backup plan ?
  10. Do you need a printer/scanner, router, surge protector, webcam, headset, or monitor screen ?
  11. Would you like me to evaluate your internet service provision with a view to recommending something better than you have now ?
  12. Which of the following form factors takes your fancy ?
All in One
All in One
All in One
All in One