Remote Support

Sometimes you have an error message or popup window that can be more easily understood by showing a technician. For help with a single message just take a snapshot and email it to 1ComputerCare.

For immediate support please click here.

For problems that are not easily e-mailed, there is a facility that allows clients to have small problems resolved or quick questions answered remotely, and hence much faster than would otherwise be the case, and there is often no charge. This involves running a simple program to allow the technician to see your screen display from afar. This way we can often explain what is happening and how to resolve it without the need for a visit.


Even when 1ComputerCare staff are moving the mouse pointer and running programs from a distance, the client retains control and can see what is happening on the screen. Security is assured as the connection can only be initiated from the client end and all data is encrypted.

This facility is best set up and tested before you need it in an emergency.

To install yourself please proceed as follows. 

From an administratively privileged account open your favourite browser and have it download
http://get.teamviewer.com/1ComputerCare then run the downloaded file.

Click Next

Click for Personal use then Next

Check the two boxes then click Next

Wait while it installs.  There may be a short delay on slow computers before the following appears.

Click Next.

Please type your name and identify the computer e.g. 'Dell laptop'.  Then choose, remember and enter a password, twice then click next.

Click Finish.

Click Allow and finish.

Click OK. 

Now if you phone Eugene and tell him the password you chose he will initiate a connection.  When that happens you will see the following window on your screen.

You will see the seconds counting down from 30.  Before they hit 0 and the window disappears you must click the Allow button.

While there is an active connection your wallpaper picture will be replaced with solid black and a balloon will appear

After the connection ends your original wallpaper will be restored and the balloon will disappear.